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This has been my first one of any note. The signal was raised to 3 yesterday and has only just been lowered to no signal. It is still raining quite heavily though.

The signals are based on how close we are to the eye of a typhoon. It goes from 1 (vaguely nearby) to 10 (direct hit). You can read about the Hong Kong system (which Macau follows) here.

Things only get interesting at about signal 8. When that happens all public transport stops and I don’t have to go to work. If it goes to 8 when I am at work supposedly I can’t leave. Rumour has it though that you can just go and pay a taxi a lot of money to get you home. Or else you can ride out the storm in one of the bars.

Typhoon season lasts from May to November with October/September being the worst. Supposedly we are in for at least 9 typhoons this season.

There’s a very organised system to let you know what’s going on. Every apartment block has signs like this:

Apparently I’ll also automatically get an SMS if it goes above 5.