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Censorship I Guess

I had been told that I wasn’t behind the Great Firewall here in Macau. This is ChinaLite after all. I certainly have had no reason to think so before. Facebook and Twitter work with no problem. BBC World is on FTA TV FFS. Yet somehow I can’t get onto without using a proxy.

I didn’t even notice at first. I had innocently clicked on this link to a story by Matt Taibi about crazy Michelle Bachmann. I saw the screen shot above and just figured their server wasn’t feeling well. Thought no more about it till I came across the link again elsewhere and when visiting it saw the same screen. No way was this sort of site offline for days. Unless they had pissed of Lulzsec I guess. That in itself would have been a news story.

So I turned on my proxy, which until now had been unused, and there it was; all the news that fits.

I have no doubt RS has been critical of China. But how come it is on Macau’s blacklist when none of the other usual suspects are?