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So What’s Macau Like?

Asia-Lite. I’ve heard it called that a number of times by people here and it is very true. There is a European feeling to the place that extends beyond the Portuguese street signs. Four hundred years of colonisation will do that. It makes for a very soft landing for a new ex-pat. This really is […]

Guilted into travel blogging

Antonios has pointed out that I am breaking the unspoken Rathdowne contract of compulsory travel blogging. I thought I had a pretty strong defense in that I am living here for the foreseeable future so it’s not really travel and besides, don’t we all communicate visually through Path now? But I am caving in to […]

Piran, Slovenia

I know I should be bloggin’ about my own travels but i found this hilarious


Livin’ Large in Amsterdam

Robyn’s at the top of the world, Ma!

In New York but telling you about New Orleans (Now With Visual Aids!)

New York!